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標題: 國產高纖機能蔬果休閒食品之研發與品質評估
Development and Quality Estimation of Domestically Produced High Fibered Vegetable and Fruit Snacks
作者: 江伯源
關鍵字: 應用研究;Vegetable;食品科技;蔬菜;水果;膳食纖維;休閒食品;乾燥;Fruit;Dietary Fiber;Snack Food;Dry
蔬果含有艷麗之色澤、質地、風味、口感極豐富之營養成分,是人類重要之飲食、營養及蔬果加工製品之原料。國產蔬果除提供鮮食外,大多供烹調之用,其保存期間短;且價值及加工利用性均較低,如何加工並研發各式具競爭力之產品,是重要研究主題及待突破之技術。膳食纖維是蔬果中另一含量多且重要之組成分,由於具有多孔結構,且表面帶有電荷,常具有保水性、保油性、黏稠性、乳化力、吸附力、膨潤力及離子交換能力,具有促進腸道蠕動及防止便秘,改善腸胃道功能,並有抗菌、降低血脂、血膽固醇及防止腸癌等保健功效。如何利用蔬果之營養成分、風味、口感之高纖機能性休閒食品成為重要研究課題,本計畫擬以國產柳丁、胡蘿蔔、玉米、蘋果渣為主材料,配合高麗菜、菠菜(粗葉)利用乾燥(熱風、冷凍乾燥、滾筒乾燥)、微化技術(harmer mill、stone mill、ball mill 及high pressure homogenization)及組合加工技術(混合、均質、充填、壓縮、成型、乾燥)開發高纖機能蔬菜、水果片、捲、膏、棒,具即食、方便性之高纖機能國產蔬果多元化產品。實驗成品及相關技術相信可以解決國內蔬果渣再利用問題,其開發之多元化產品定能增進食品、農業產值,並可提供國人高纖、機能蔬果產品之選擇與享用。

Vegetables are important ingredients for making dietary, nutritious and processed foods with rich colors, texture, flavor, mouth feel and abundant nutrition. Local vegetables are not only used as fresh foods, but also used mostly for cooking and they have a very short shelf-life. Their value and processing application is lower. The method to process and develop various products with competitive strength is an important research topic and requires a breakthrough technology. Vegetables contain a high and important content--dietary fiber. Due to the presence of multi-porous structure and ions on the surface, vegetables often possess water and oil holding capacities, viscosity, emulsion and absorption capacities, swelling power and ion exchange capacity. These help in the peristalsis of the intestines and prevent indigestion. These also improve the digestive function and possess hygienical functions that prevent bacteria, lower lipemia and cholesterol, and prevent colon cancer. The process to use the nutritious content, flavor, mouth feel of vegetables to make high fiber snacks is an important research topic. This project uses sweet lime, carrot, corn and apple residue as the raw materials, combined with cabbage and spinach (crude leaf). The project uses drying (hot air, freeze-drying, drum drying), micronization technology (hammer mill, stone mill, ball mill and high pressure homogenization) and combined processing technologies (blending, homogenization, filling, compressing, shaping, and drying ) to develop diverse high fibered vegetable and fruit products (slices, rolls, gel, sticks) that are edible and convenient. It is believed that the research products and related technologies could solve the problem of the re-usage of local vegetable and fruit residues and the development of diverse products can increase the food and agricultural output value, and also provide people with the selection and enjoyment of high fiber and functional vegetable and fruit products.
其他識別: 98農科-3.1.4-糧-Z1(9)
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