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標題: 乳酸菌對人體免疫之調節能力及有效組成份之確認與產品化
The Probiotic Effect of Lactic Acid Bacteria on Immunomodulation and the Studies of Functional Fractions and Commercialization
作者: 林美吟
關鍵字: 應用研究;lactic acid bacteria;生物技術, 食品科技;乳酸菌;細胞激素;樹狀細胞;巨噬細胞;T 淋巴細胞;cytokines;dendritic cells;macrophage;T-lymphocytes
根據敝研究室2007 年發表於Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 之兩篇論文,活菌型態及熱致死型態之乳酸菌株皆有調整人體免疫反應之能力,那麼乳酸菌株之整體細胞中,究竟是何種單一或複合性組成份對人體能夠有如此重要之影響能力?有鑑於此,我們將乳酸菌株之各種不同的組成份分離,並分別比較各種組成份對於人體免疫反應之影響,這對於乳酸菌產品在現行產業界之訴求,更能發揮乳酸菌的效用,並期能解決乳酸菌產品長期(一~二年)販賣中有效性降低及貯存不易之問題。針對乳酸菌株有效成分之研究,用於產業界商品化之訴求,加強乳酸菌商品之保存性及有效性之維持,使乳酸菌產品能夠突破目前市場上所面臨到的問題(運送及販賣形式)及瓶頸(活菌株貯存條件)。將乳酸菌之組成份分成7 大類-活菌、死菌、胞內液、胞外液、核酸、粗細胞壁及發酵乳清。在第ㄧ年進行之研究中,將此7 類之組成份分別與J774A.1 細胞(macrophage cell line)、Jurkat 細胞(T lymphocyte cell line)、U937 細胞(monocytecell line)、人體初代培養細胞之周邊血液單核球細胞、樹狀細胞、巨噬細胞及T淋巴細胞等細胞共同培養,觀察細胞之增生、分化、吞噬活性及細胞激素之分泌種類、分泌濃度等指標,在體外試驗中確認可能之有效性組成份。第二年將進行動物試驗確認在動物體內之免疫反應,作為與體外試驗之對照。

According to our results from two papers published in Journal of Agriculturaland Food Chemistry in 2007, both live cells and heat-killed cells of lactic acidbacteria demonstrated immunomodulatory effect on human health. However, whichfraction(s) of cell composition contributed to this immunomodulation is still unclear.In order to identify the effective component, the fractions of lactic acid bacteriaincluding viable cells, heat-killed cells, intracellular extract, extracellular extract,crude cell wall, chromosomal DNA, and whey of fermented milk will be tested in thisstudy.The results of this project will be very useful for the related industry to solve theproblems including to extend the shelf life and effectiveness of commercialization offreeze dried lactic acid bacterial products.For the first year of this project, the fractions of lactic acid bacteria includingviable cells, heat-killed cells, intracellular extract, extracellular extract, crude cell wall,chromosomal DNA, and whey of fermented milk will be tested for the proliferation,phogocytosis, and the secretion of cytokines of murine macrophage J774A.1, Jurkat,U937, and peripheral blood mononuclear cells, dendritic cells, macrophage, andT-lymphocytes from human primary cells. For the second year, animal study will becarried out to prove the in vivo effect of different fractions of lactic acid bacteria.
其他識別: NSC98-2324-B005-007
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