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標題: 釀酒葡萄副產物機能化及多元產品研發
Study on the Functionality of Fermented Grape By-products and the Development of Multiple Products
作者: 江伯源
關鍵字: 技術發展;dietary fiber;食品科技, 園藝;膳食纖維;葡萄皮;花青素;微化;造粒;grape skin;anthocyanin;micronization;granulization
黑后葡萄外觀呈現紫黑色,釀酒後有濃烈酒粕香氣,葡萄皮、富含花青素及酚類化合物,是重要抗氧化及膳食纖維之新素材。膳食纖維具有多孔結構,且表面帶有電荷,常具有保水性、保油性、黏稠性、乳化力、吸附力、膨潤力及離子交換能力,另具有促進腸道蠕動及防止便祕,改善腸胃道功能,並有抗菌、降低血脂、血膽固醇及防止腸癌等保健功效,如何有效利用葡萄皮、籽之機能成分,並研發多元化產品,成為重要研究課題。本研究計畫以國產葡萄皮、籽為主材料,利用乾燥(熱風、冷凍乾燥)、微化技術(harmer mill、ball mill),並進行葡萄皮、籽花青素、果膠、多醣萃取、多酚化合物之萃取、分離、濃縮等技術評估,另擬用微化葡萄皮粉、皮、籽萃取液、多醣賦型劑進行造粒及功能性評估,期盼能建立多元化利用及新產品研發,以提昇高產值及利用率。

The outer appearance of Black Queen shows a dark purple color. After fermentation, there is a strong aroma of brewer's grains and the grape skin contains abundant anthocyanin and phenol compounds, which contains important antioxidatives and dietary fibers. The dietary fibers possess multi-porous structures and the surface also contains electric charge. The dietary fibers also possess water and oil holding capacities, viscosity, emulsion, absorption, swelling power and ion exchange capacity. Moreover, they also help the peristalsis of the intestines and prevent constipation and improve gastrointestinal functions. They have anti-bacterial effects and lower blood lipid and cholesterol and prevent colon cancer. The process to effectively use grape skin and the functional composition of seeds to develop multi products has become an important research topic. This research project uses domestically produced grape skin and seeds as the main raw materials and uses drying (hot air and freeze drying), micronization technology (harmer mill and ballmill), to carry out the estimations of anthocyanin in the grape skin and seeds, pectin, polysaccharide, polyphenol compound extracts, isolation and concentration. Moreover, micronized grape skin powder, skin, and liquid seed extracts, polysaccharide excipients are used to carry out granulization and functional estimations. It is hoped that the development of multi-purpose and new products can be established so as to enhance higher output value and utilization.
其他識別: 99農科-3.1.4-糧-Z1(9)
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