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標題: 國產紫米機能飲品研發及品質安定化之研究
Study on the Development and Quality Stabilization of Domestic Black Rice Functional Drinks
作者: 江伯源
關鍵字: 技術發展;anthocyanins;食品科技, 農藝;花青素;機能醋;紫米;飲品化;functional vinegar;black rice;liquidation
國產紫米外觀呈紫黑色,富含營養及生理成分是國人心目中熱門之營養穀物。紫米之呈色主要由花青素-cyanidin-3-glucoside及peonidin-3-glucoside組成,其是重要飲食抗氧化劑,紫米米糠內含有tocotrienol具有抑制動脈粥狀硬化症、抗氧化及抗發炎等功能,米糠纖維可降低人體脂肪過多症(hyperlipigemia),改善膽固醇累積和減少氧化及發炎。紫米之花青素及米糠水萃物大部份存在於糊粉層及穎果皮,如何回收利用,開發成新機能素材,成為重要研究議題。近年營養穀物飲品化是國內重要研發素材及市場流行主流,本計畫擬以紫米為材料,進行“紫米機能醋飲品及營養紫米漿(乳)”為研究主題,希盼能針對紫米花青素多元化利用及酸性(醋)之機能性提升進行研究外,並針對紫米漿(乳)懸浮不安定、品質劣化等進行改進研究,實驗分七個主題進行:1. 紫米米糠花青素萃取技術建立及條件評估;2. 紫米米糠超微化及分離、水解多醣試驗;3. 紫米研磨前處理及粒徑對乳(漿)品質及色素安定化之探討;4. 紫米機能醋之研發及澄清化技術評估;5. 紫米乳(漿)預糊化及懸浮安定化相關性評估與改善;6. 紫米飲品花青素調和與安定化評估;7. 紫米飲品貯存安定性及適口性(官能品評)改善。希盼能將紫米機能化、飲品化,以提升品質及價值。

The outer appearance of domestic black rice shows a dark purple color. It contains abundant nutrients and physicochemical composition and is preferred by Taiwanese people. The color of the black rice is mainly composed of anthocyanins—cyanidin—3—glucoside and peonidin—3—glucoside, which are important edible antioxidants. The rice bran of the Black rice contains tocotrienol which controls atherosclerosis, and possess anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation functions. The fibers in the rice bran can lower hyperlipigemia and improve the cholesterol accumulation in the body and also decrease oxidation and inflammation. The anthocyanins and liquid rice bran extracts are mostly stored in the aleurone layer and pericarp. The process to reuse and develop the new functional ingredients has become an important research topic. In recent years, liquidation of nutritious cereals has become an important research material and market trend in Taiwan. This project uses black rice as the raw materials and examines the study of “black rice functional vinegar drinks and nutritious black rice milk”. It is hoped that besides using the anthocyanins in the black rice for multiple purposes and enhancing the functionality of vinegar, researches on improving the suspension instability and quality degradation of black rice milk can be carried out. The experiments were carried out based on seven major topics: 1. Establishment of extraction technology of anthocyanins in black rice bran and the estimation of the extracting conditions; 2. Experiments on the ultra-fine micronization, separation and hydralized polysaccharide of black rice bran; 3. Examination of the effects of pre-grinding treatment and particle size of black rice on the quality and color stability of black rice milk; 4. Development of black rice functional vinegar and estimations of purification technology; 5. Related estimations and improvement of pregelatinization and suspension stability of black rice milk; 6. Estimations of adjustment and stability of anthocyanins in black rice drinks; 7. Storing stability of black rice drinks and improvement of taste (sensory evaluation). It is hoped that the functionality and liquidation of black rice can be carried out to improve its quality and value.
其他識別: 99農科-3.1.4-糧-Z2(1)
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