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標題: 台灣原生黃白木耳(Tremella)胞外多醣之保健功能研究---純化、結構特性、抗腫瘤及降低血糖之探討
Functional Properties of Exopolysaccharides from Native Tremella in Taiwan---Purification, Structural Identification, Anti-tumor and Anti-diabetics
作者: 方繼
關鍵字: 應用研究;Tremella species;食品科技;白木耳屬;真菌多醣;免疫調節;結構鑑定;異質多醣;fungi polysaccharide;immunomodulating;structuralidentification;heteroglycan
抗腫瘤、抗病毒、抗氧化、抗感染、降血糖和降血脂等。具有免疫和抗腫瘤活性之多醣結構,目前之研究歸納出包含同質葡萄聚糖(Homoglucans)、異質葡萄聚糖(Heteroglucans)、異質半乳聚糖(Heterogalactans)和其他的異質多醣(Heteroglycans)等,其中又以β-(1,3)-葡萄聚醣被廣為研究,然因多醣的結構複雜且分子性質不易被鑑定,因此其活性機制與活性結構及分子性質間之關係僅少數被釐清。本研究室曾研究台灣原生種黃白木耳(Tremella flava Chen)之機能性,發現其有清除自由基及抑制癌細胞生長之潛力,值得進一步研究。本研究擬歸納已被報導具潛在免疫活性、抗腫瘤多醣(包括菇類真菌多醣和食品多醣)共通之結構特性後,再深入探討白木耳屬真菌多醣其結構和分子性質與免疫調節和抗腫瘤活性間之關聯性。本計畫擬以三年的時間,針對包含台灣原生種之不同木耳屬真菌(Tremellaflava Chen, Tremella fuciformis, Tremella aurantia, Tremella encephala, Tremellaneofoliacea Chen, Tremella nivalis Chen, Tremella resupinata Chen, Tremellataiwanensis Chen and Tremella tropica Chen)以液態培養方式生產胞外多醣,解析其單醣組成、結構特性、分子性質、免疫調節以及抗腫瘤有關的生物活性,進一步篩選出具有較佳生理活性之木耳屬菌種,並以動物實驗進行降血糖功效評估,藉此瞭解其活性醣類的結構和分子量區間與機能性之關聯性,及利用染劑作為定量活性多醣方法,希望綜合以上結果以為未來深入研究其提升免疫力、抗感染或抗腫瘤機轉和開發高保健性的機能性多醣素材與培養微生物發酵生物技術之基礎。

Mushrooms have been widely used as edible and medicinal resources. Variousbioactivities of polysaccharide from mushroom have been extensively studied, such asimmunomodulating, antiflammatory, antitumor, antiviral, antioxidation,hyperglycemia, and hyperlipidemia. Several structural characterizations which relatedto immunomodulating and antitumor activities have been classified, includinghomoglucans, heteroglucans, heterogalacans, and heteroglycans. Among them, β- (1,3)-glucan was the thoroughly studies than others. However, polysaccharides are verycomplicated; the relationship between the bioactivity and the chemical composition aswell as the high order structure of their active components structure characterization isyet to be established. In our previous study, the results showed that the nativeTremella flava Chen in Taiwan has the antioxidation and antitumor activity in cellmodel and worth further investigation. In this proposal, various Tremella species willbe selected as the samples for elucidating the relationships between the structure,molecular property, immunostimulating effects, antitumor activity, as well asanti-diabetic of the polysaccharides.Nine Tremella spp., including native species found in Taiwan, will be collected.They are Tremella flava Chen, Tremella fuciformis, Tremella aurantia, Tremellaencephala, Tremella neofoliacea Chen, Tremella nivalis Chen, Tremella resupinataChen, Tremella taiwanensis Chen and Tremella tropica Chen. The experiments inevery year will start with the submerge incubation to produce tremella speciesexopolysaccharide. Then the polysaccharides will be isolated and fractionated.Immunomodulating and antitumor activities will be examined with the test samples asprepared. The monosaccharide composition, acidic functional groups, molecularproperty and structural character of the polysaccharides are then identified, using highperformance liquid chromatography techniques and nuclear magnetic resonanceanalysis. From the results of this study, the structural and molecular property of thepolysaccharides with high immunostimulating effects, antitumor and anti-diabeticactivities are expected to be understood, which provide the base for their applicationto functional food in the future.
其他識別: NSC99-2313-B005-003-MY3
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