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標題: 本土植物源乳酸菌機能性發酵豆奶與優酪乳開發 – 添加黃白木耳多醣及柑橘果皮纖維對腸道菌相之影響
Exploitation of yoghurt and soymilk fermented with botanical Lactobacillus plantarum SLC 13 supplemented with Tremella flava Chen polysaccharide and citrus peel fiber to evaluate effect of intestinal flora
作者: 方繼
關鍵字: 技術發展;botanical lactic acid bacteria;食品科技;植物源乳酸菌;黃白木耳多醣;柳丁果皮纖維;polysaccharide of Tremella flava;orange skin fiber
先前研究之結果顯示:廢棄的柳丁果皮纖維,可取代葡萄糖進行乳酸菌培養,除能提高乳酸菌菌數與胞外多醣產量外,並呈現不錯之抗氧化與抑菌能力。故柳丁果皮纖維粉末與黃白木耳發酵液粉末是不錯的益生質(prebiotics),而同時柳丁果皮纖維粉末於乳酸菌培養的應用,可使柳丁果皮廢棄物再利用,並可達到減廢的目的。 本研究以乳酸菌(Lactobacillus plantarum SLC 13)添加不同處裡之柳丁果皮纖維與黃白木耳(Tremella flava Chen)發酵液粉末,進行牛乳、豆奶與牛乳豆奶混合之發酵,測定貯藏性與官能品評,以開發出接受性高及富含黏稠性與膳食纖維之優酪乳、發酵豆奶與優酪豆乳之發酵新產品,並以改善腸內細菌菌相來評估乳酸菌新產品之保健特性。

Our results previously suggest that these orange skin fiber powder and Tremella flava Chen fermented powder are potential prebiotics, since they promote the growth of Lactobacillus plantarum SLC13 and exopolysaccharide production. Antioxidant activity and antibacterial property by way of adding both these selectively increase. During applying orange skin fiber powder to ferment with lactic acid bacteria can reuse orange skin and decrease garbage. The purpose of this project is lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum SLC 13) fermentation with fiber of orange skin and Tremella flava Chen making yogurt, fermented soy milk, and fermented mixture of milk and soy milk. These new fermented products with viscosity and abundant fiber assessed storage quality, sensory evaluation and improving bacterial flora of intestine.
其他識別: 100農科-3.1.3-糧-Z1(5)
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