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標題: 半纖維素?生產菌在提升牧草與農產廢棄物消化性之應用
Applications of hemicellulases-producing strains on improving digestibility of forage and agricultural processing wastes
作者: 陳錦樹
關鍵字: 技術發展;soybean hull;畜牧獸醫類;黃豆種皮;麩皮;牧草;稻桿;半纖維?;聚木糖?;聚甘露糖?;半纖維素;固態發酵;wheat bran;forage;rice straw;hemicellulases;xylanases;mannanase;hemicellulose;solid state fermentation
半纖維素為自然界中含量僅次於纖維素之木質纖維質成分,其主要由聚木糖與聚甘露所構成,為細胞壁成分之一,半纖維素目前仍屬於一種被低度利用之資源。半纖維?因可協助破壞動物用飼料之細胞壁,可提高消化性並增加其營養價值。本計畫延續上一年度從自然界或保存菌株中篩選而得具有分泌高木聚糖?或甘露糖?活性的菌株, Aspergillus niger NCH-318及Aureobasidium pullulans NCH-218,將其等接種在牧草、黃豆種皮、麩皮及稻桿上進行固態發酵約2-3天,然後加水、調溫使半纖維素?發揮作用。期間測定發酵產物中半纖維素及寡糖含量之變化,評估將半纖維物質降解成較小分子之可行性,並決定各種原材料之較適發酵條件。

Hemicelluloses, which consist mainly of xylan and mannan, are the second most abundant biomass to cellulose in nature, and constitute one of the cell wall components. However, hemicelluloses remain to be a under-utilized resource now. Hemicellulases are usually used for the improvement in digestibility and nutrient availability of animal feed by assisting the degradation of the cell wall. In this study, two potent xylanase- or mannanase-producing strains, Aspergillus niger NCH-318 and Aureobasidium pullulans NCH-218 isolates, are used. They are inoculated to forage and agrowastes such as soybean hull, wheat bran, and rice stalks, and solid state fermentation is thereafter performed for 2-3 days, followed by adding water and elevating temperature to have the enzymatic degradation of hemicellulosic components be carried out. Changes in contents of hemicelluloses and oligosaccharides are monitored during the fermentation. The feasibility of hydrolyzing hemicellulosic materials into smaller molecules by this process is going to be evaluated. Finally, the better fermentation conditions for each kind of feedstock is also determined.
其他識別: 100農科-2.1.4-牧-U1(4)
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