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標題: 鮑魚菇類對卵巢切除鼠與老化鼠之骨質影響
Effect of Pleurotus Mushrooms on Osteoporosis of Ovariectomized and Aged Mice
作者: 毛正倫
關鍵字: 應用研究;食品科技;脈衝光照射;鮑魚菇類;維生素 D;骨質疏鬆症
骨質疏鬆症的主要危險性為容易骨折,而可能造成患者死亡。根據衛生署統計,台灣每年股骨骨折人數約3 萬人,其中死亡率約5-25%。骨質疏鬆症發生之原因主要為長時間鈣或維生素D 攝取不足者、缺乏運動、遺傳因素或停經等因素,其中女性因停經後失去雌激素之保護,因此發生率較男性高;但近年研究顯示,老年人不論性別都有可能罹患骨質疏鬆症。維生素D 為預防或治療骨質疏鬆症方法之一,而菇類為非動物維生素D 之唯一且良好的來源。本研究以脈衝光照射鮑魚菇類,增加其維生素D 含量並餵食去卵巢鼠和老年鼠,評估對停經後和老化所產生骨質疏鬆症之影響。第一年以脈衝光照射脈衝光常見鮑魚菇子實體,測試生產高維生素D 食用菇之條件,並且評估照射後鮑魚菇之一般組成份、外觀和質地。第二年以照射之鮑魚菇類餵食卵巢切除鼠,第三年則以照射之鮑魚菇類餵食老化鼠,分別測量骨質密度、股骨和脛骨切片分析、骨和血清中鈣和磷以及血清中鹼性磷酸酶、骨鈣素、TNF-α、IL-1 和IL-6之含量,並分析比較各種骨質疏鬆症之生化指標特性。期望此研究能夠藉由脈衝光照射而增加鮑魚菇類之維生素D,供預防或治療骨質疏鬆症,並且提升菇類之商業價值。

The main risk of osteoporosis is subjected to fracture and thereby possiblycausing death of the patients. According to statistical results by Department ofHealth, about 30, 000 people suffered from femur fracture each year in Taiwan,among them the mortality rate is 5-25%. The causes for osteoporosis are the insufficient ingestion of vitamin D, lacking of exercise, genetic inheritance andmenopause. Especially, higher risk occurred in women than men due to the loss ofprotection by estrogen. However, vitamin D uptake is a method for preventing ortreating osteoporosis, and mushrooms are a rich non-animal source of vitamin D.The research is designated to irradiate Pleurotus mushrooms by pulse light toincrease their vitamin D contents, and use the irradiated mushrooms to feedovariectomized mice to evaluate its effect on prevention of osteoporosis. For thefirst year: we are going to investigate the optimal conditions for high content ofvitamin D by pulse light treatment on Pleurotus fruiting bodies and analyze theproximate composition, appearance and texture as affected by the irradiation. Forthe second year: we are going to feed ovariectomized mice with irradiated fruitingbodies. For the third year, we are going to feed aged mice with irradiated fruitingbodies and conduct bone mineral density, femur and tibial bone analysis, calcium andphosphorus contents in serum, contents of alkaline phosphatase, bone glaprotein,TNF-α, IL-1 and IL-6 in serum, and analyze various biochemical indicators forosteoporosis.It is anticipant that vitamin D content of Pleurotus mushrooms could beincreased by pulse light treatment and could prevent osteoporosis. It is of greatinterest to expand the spectrum of mushroom application in reducing the occurrenceand risk of osteoporosis.
其他識別: NSC100-2313-B005-022-MY3
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