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標題: Acoustoeletric transformation chip for ribbon microphone
作者: Horng, Ray-Hua
Chang, Chao-Chih
Ke, Ming-Li
Chen, Guan-Wei
Tsai, Yao-Cheng
An acoustoelectric transformation chip for a ribbon microphone includes a diaphragm that has a vibrating region and two fixing regions disposed on two opposite sides of the vibrating region, and a voice coil film formed on the diaphragm. The voice coil film includes two rectangular voice coils, each of which has a plurality of first and second connection segments parallel to a direction of a magnetic field. A plurality of first and second transverse segments are perpendicular to the first and second connection segments and are connected between the first and second connection segments. The second transverse segments of each voice coil are disposed on one of the fixing regions. The first transverse segments of the two voice coils are disposed in the vibrating region.
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