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標題: 中(草)藥新穎製程技術研發及劑型改良之研究
Study on the Development of the New Process Technology of Medicinal Herbs and Improvement of Its Product Type.
作者: 江伯源
關鍵字: 應用研究;medicial herbs;食品科技, 機械工程類;中草藥;乾燥;萃取;drying;extract
藥草使用在人類歷史上已有數千年,常發揮互補╱另類醫學(Complenmentary and alternative medicine,CAM)功效,近年深受全世界各大醫學研究中心及各大藥廠的重視,每年有數百億美元的市場,未來更是充滿商機及市場潛力。中草藥是我國固有醫學科技及智慧遺傳,過去大都偏重藥草成分及藥理研究,對栽種、育種、生產、製程、劑型及配方研究甚少;中草藥因屬草、根、木、皮之農產品,主要產品形式為丸、散、膏、丹,由於製程較傳統,大都直接引用西方機械及製程或有失其特質,另傳統中草藥大都直接乾燥、浸泡、熬煮或磨粉、造粒處理,常發生進料、混合不均,其製品品質亦常發生萃取不完全、分層、混濁、沈澱或外型潰散、吸濕、變色(味),如何引進先進技術及機械,以確保品質提升,將是重要且急迫之研究重點。 本計畫〝中草藥新穎製程技術及劑型改良之研究〞擬以杭菊及魚腥草為材料,研究項目主要分為三項主題進行;(一)除濕乾燥技術應用於中草藥飲片保存及品質提升之研究:由彭錦樵教授及江伯源副教授負責執行,將探討新式除濕乾燥技術與傳統熱風乾燥對中草藥香氣保留及品質改進之效果;實驗及分析項目有:乾燥特性曲線、乾燥時間、乾減率、最終含水率、色澤及香氣等項目。(二)萃取技術評估及最適化條件探討:由江伯源副教授、彭錦樵教授及陳世雄教授負責執行;擬探討超音波萃取技術與傳統熬煮萃取、濃縮作比較,並擬以反應曲面實驗設計法( RSM )進行萃取最適化條件評估。 (三)澱粉及多醣類理化性質及對賦型劑改良之評估:江伯源副教授負責執行,擬針對賦型劑理化性質及應用, 做系列研究、分析。另將在計畫中成立專家小組,參訪國內各大中藥製藥公司,並研討評估農產品、食品相關技術導入中草藥發展之可行性。期末將舉辦座談會(實驗成果發表會)擴大與業者交流,並完成推廣工作。以上研究,除了具有深厚之學術基礎外,亦希望將研究成果轉移至業界,以改善中草藥製程及提升其品質。

Medicinal herb has been used by people for thousands of years, usually in producing effective complementary and alternative medicines (CAM). In recent years, it has received importance from medical research centers and large pharmaceuticals all over the world. It has a market of billions of dollars every year and will be full of commercial and market potential in future. Medicinal herbs have generations of medical science and knowledge in our country. In the past, more emphasis was put on the contents of the medicinal herbs and medical research, and researches on cultivating, seeding, production, processing, product type, and formulas were less. Medicinal herbs consist of herbs, root, and bark, therefore, the main product types consist of tablets, pills, capsules. Owing to the traditional way of processing, it is mostly used in Western machines and processes or there is a loss in special properties. Another traditional way of processing consists of drying, soaking, cooking or powdering and granulation process, which often causes unequal feeding and mixing, causing product quality to have incomplete extraction, layering, haze formation, sedimentation or dispersing of outer appearance, absorption, change in color (taste). It is very important to apply new technology and machines to improve the quality of the medicinal herb in its process mechanism. This project, 'Study on the development of the new process technology of medicinal herbs and improvement of its product type', uses mentha haplocalyx as the raw materials. The research is mainly carried out in 3 parts: (1) Study on the application of dehydrating and drying techniques to maintain the medicinal medium and improve the quality of medicinal herbs: this is carried out by Professor Peng and Associate Professor Chiang, thereby, examining new dehydrating and drying techniques with traditional air drying techniques to maintain aroma and quality. The experimental and analysis items consist of: drying curve, drying time, decreased water content, final moisture content, color and aroma. (2) Study on the estimation of extraction technique and the inference of the most appropriate conditions: this is carried out by Associate Professor Chiang, Professor Peng and Professor Chen, thereby, examining the comparison of ultrasonic extraction technique with traditional cooking extraction and concentration, and also to carry out estimations of the most appropriate conditions of extraction through Research Surface Methodology (RSM). (3) Estimation of the physicochemical properties of starch and sweetened products and the improvement of formating agent: this is carried out by Associate Professor Chiang, examining the physicochemical properties and application of formating agent and conducting researches and analyses of the like. A small expertise group is formed to interview the domestic companies manufacturing medicinal herbs and also to examine the estimations of the feasibility of agricultural products and food related techniques in the development of medicinal herbs. At the end of the period, a seminar (announcement of experimental results seminar) is conducted to expand the interactions with businesses, and also to complete the expanded work. Besides having a deep research basis, the results of the above research can be transferred to the business world, so as to improve the process and quality of medicinal herbs.
其他識別: CCMP95-CP-018
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