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標題: 中部空氣品質區高臭氧污染來源之解析
A Study on Ozone Sources in Central Taiwan -Multivariate Analysis and Wind Direction
作者: 呂培農
Lu, Pei-Nong
關鍵字: Ozone;臭氧;Principal component analysis;ANOVA;Wind Directio;主成份分析;多變量分析;風向
出版社: 環境工程學系所
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The data source in this thesis is from the air quality monitoring station of four county in central Taiwan. We analysis the data of air quality in central Taiwan between 2003 to 2007. First of all, we classify the monitering stations in central Taiwan by principal component analysis method. We use this method to find out the stations which have the same characteristic in central Taiwan. Secondly, we obtain the variety to understand the ozone and other pollutants.

We distinguish three classifications respectively coastal areas and urban areas and inland areas of air quality in central Taiwan by the maximum value of Ozone concentration obtained from the monitering station. By ANOVA method shows that three hours ago of high Ozone concentration accompanies the higher concentration of SO2 and PM10. According to the the emissions analysis, the contaminations over 60% to cover central Taiwan in along the coast, besides, the wind direction in each area was North Wind series, the most reason coming from Northwest Wind.
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