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標題: 流體化床操作條件影響模擬廢棄物部分氧化裂解反應過程中氣狀產物與污染物分佈之研究
Effects of operating conditions on gaseous products and organic pollutants during fluidized bed partial oxidative gasification of modified MSW
作者: 連益輝
關鍵字: Biomass energy;生質能;Fluidized bed;Hydrogen;PAHs;BTEX;流體化床;氫氣;PAHs;BTEX
出版社: 環境工程學系所
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能源的耗盡已是目前面對之重要議題,而節約能源與替代能源之研發亦為現行首重課題,目前替代能源研究眾多,其中又以生質能更視為研發之趨勢之一,本研究嘗試以都市固體廢棄物作為生質能來源,利用流體化床部份氧化裂解反應,控制不同空氣配比與燃燒溫度及添加劑為變數,採集氣狀產物 (H2、CO、CO2、CH4)以及污染物(BTEX、PAHs)來分析探討分佈情形。

With the concern of energy consumption, energy saving and its alternatives are taken an important role in present researches. Many studies focus on the topic of energy alternatives, and biomass energy is also considered as a key technology. Accordingly, the aim of this study is to take modified MSW as a source of biomass energy applied in the fluidized bed reactor through partial oxidative pyrolysis. Various operating conditions such as operating temperature, equivalent ratios, and types of additive are used in estimation for distribution of gaseous products (H2, CO, CO2, and CH4) and organic pollutants (BTEX and PAHs).
The experimental results indicate that the production of H2 increases but CO2 and CH4 decrease with increasing the operating temperature. Organic pollutants are destroyed at high temperature leads the reduction of emission concentration. Besides, the productions of H2 and CH4 decrease with the increasing of equivalent ratios. Moreover, the addition of CaO results the increasing in production of H2 and reduces the concentration of CO2 by adsorption. The lower emission concentration of both PAHs and BTEX are found when the addition of CaO and non-additive environment, respectively. The experimental results present the relationship between the distribution of gaseous products and the chemical reactions at various conditions. Then, the cracking level of tar may influence the distribution of organic pollutants.
Keywords: Biomass energy; Fluidized bed; Hydrogen; PAHs; BTEX.
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