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標題: Estimation of diameter growth parameters for Cryptomeria Plantations in� Taiwan Using the Local Yield Table Construction System
作者: Nakajima, Tohru
Yang, Yong-Chi
Matsumoto, Mitsuo
Zheng, Chin-Long
Tatsuhara, Satoshi
Lin, Wen-Liang
Shiraishi, Norihiko
關鍵字: 中興大學森林學系
期刊: Conference on Sustainable Forest Management and Carbon Sequestration in Taiwan and Japan: 14-21
We applied the Local Yield Table Construction System (LYCS), a computer program that estimates stand growth as a function of various density control strategies, to Cryptomeria plantations in Taiwan. Parameters of the growth model were estimated from permanent plot data on Cryptomeria stands stored in a database at the Experimental Forest of National Taiwan University. The diameter at breast height (DBH) and the number of trees measured in permanent plots were used as parameters to estimate the curve of the DBH growth rate, the effects of stand density on diameter growth, growth in terms of DBH, and diameter distribution. The estimated stand growth could be adapted to the observed values in the permanent plots. Based on these results, yield tables for various stand density control strategies can now be constructed for Cryptomeria stands in Taiwan.
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