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標題: 臺灣林相變更計畫的評估
An Evalucation of the Stand Conversion Project in Taiwan Forestry
作者: 羅紹麟
Shaw-Lin Lo
Fong-Long Feng
關鍵字: stand conversion;林相變更;project;計畫
Project: 興大實驗林研究報告第8號p.89-100
Bulletin Experiment Forest NCHU No.89-100
林相變更是台灣林業史上劃時代的計畫,於民國54 年至66 年間,在全省12 個林區管理處(大雪山除外)所轄38677.81 公頃之國有林中進行。本文分別由生物、經濟、社會三方面來評估。由生物的觀點看,目前該造林地年平均生長量為6 m3/ha,約為天然林生長量(2.4 m3/yr/ha)的2.5 倍,但離當初計畫目標(10 m3/yr/ha)尚有一段距離。又10 年生林分之造林費每公頃約需70,000 元台幣(以1981 年貨幣價格平減),再由經濟和社會發展來看,本計畫執行期間提供就業機會,提高造林技術,提昇林業從業人員的社會地位與信心。當初聯合國糧農組織提供林相改良經費動機良好,但後來因政治因素未能繼續支持,導致被迫以伐好林木來自籌款項,是為美中不足之處。本文以實際數據作分析,指出本計畫之優缺點並提供建議。
“Stand conversion”is a national project in Taiwan forestry, which practiced in the whole island in 1965-1977. The total conversed forest areas is 38677.81 ha., 8% of Taiwan reforestation area now, including 26 planting species.
In the paper the authors examine it from the biological, economical and social viewpoints to search for the estimating value of the project.
The biological results have showed that the average annual growth of volume per hectar is 6 m3, 2.5 fold of the growth of natural forest (2.4 m3/yr./ha.) but far away the aim of the project (10 m3/yr./ha.).
Silvicultural cost is NT$70,000 per ha. (deflated to the base year of 1981 at wholesale price index), which the most stand monetary value has gotten the even point of it now. To clearcut poorly stocked natural forest in a vast area is not a wise method, it cost cheap in silviculture and easy to practice.
In sense of economical and social development, the project also present the employment opportunity, skill training in silvicultural field work and strengthen the confidence of forester.
The initial motivation of financial assistance by U. N. is very good, but, later on, could not continue to support the plan which made the capital shortage, Taiwan Forest Bureau has to collect money from cutting rich natural forest land unfortunely.
From the result we also point out both advantage and disadvantage of the project and present some suggestions.
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