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標題: Integration of GIS and GPS Techniques in Forest Mapping
整合GIS 與GPS 技術於林業製圖
作者: Chih-Cheng Huang
Fong-Long Feng
關鍵字: forest mapping;林業製圖;tree location map;plantation location map;GIS;GPS;林木位置圖;造林位置圖;全球衛星定位系統;地理資訊系統
Project: 中興大學實驗林研究彙刊, Volume 18, Issue 1, Page(s) 137-150.
Journal Experiment Forest of NCHU , Volume 18, Issue 1, Page(s) 137-150.
全球衛星定位系統(Global Positioning System,GPS)能提供地球表面上任一位置之絕對座標及高度資料,而地理資訊系統(Geographical information system,GIS)可對空間資料加以貯存分析,GPS 接收之資料為數值化資料,可做為森林地理資訊系統資料輸入和資料轉換的有利工具。本研究係整合GPS 和GIS 二種技術,於造林位置圖及林木位置圖上之應用及測製,以驗証二種工具之結合是否可提供林業圖籍資料之建立和整合。結果顯示GPS與GIS 整合性的應用,確為林業製圖之良好方法。
GPS is being developed to support coordinates and altitudes on the earth‘s surface. GIS was evolved for storying and analyzing diverse spatial data. GPS was used to collect spatial data with coordinates. The data were combined into GIS database and added the function of data input and transformation. In the study, we integrated GPS and GIS techniques in forest mapping. The result showed that integrating GIS and GPS provided a good method in forest mapping.
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