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標題: 台灣森林永續經營之經濟、社會指標
Construction of Social and Economical Criteria and Indicators of Forest Ecosystem Management in Taiwan
作者: Shaw-Lin Lo
You-Jei Huang
關鍵字: forest ecosystem management;economy;criteria and indicators (C&Is);society
Project: 「森林生態系永續經營研討會」論文集I, Page(s) 87-97.
The purpose of this research was to develop the framework of social and economical criteria and indicators (C&Is) of forest ecosystem management in Taiwan. The C&Is framework was based on the pressure-state-response (PSR) model, the forest's circumstances in Taiwan, the theory of enlargement of ecological complex, and the C&Is of foreign country in the first stage. The 4 economical criteria were “production and consumption”, “investment in the forest sector”, “labor”,and “economical policy of forest” individually. In addition, the 4 social criteria were “culture”,“science, technology and education”, “public participation”, and “social policy of forest” respectively. By using a questionnaire survey of Fuzzy Delphi method and “Brainstorming” discussion, 4 economical criteria, 12 economical indicators, and 4 social criteria, 18 social indicators have been selected to the framework in the second stage. Finally, this research was assessed each relative weights of C&Is by analytic hierarchy process (AHP). The first two important economical criteria were “investment in the forest sector” (32.54%), and “production and consumption” (31.80%) and the first two important economical indicators were “Nonconsumptive-use forest values” (16.12%) and “labour force of forestry” (13.3%). Each social criteria were important similarly and the first two important social indicators were “performance evaluation of personnel training and education” (9.96%) and “Conservation and restoration of aboriginal traditional culture relative to forest” (9.55%).
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