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標題: Damage to Understory Trees in a Two-storied Sugi and Hinoki Plantation:A Case Study in the University of Tokyo Forest in Chiba
作者: Kawaguchi Takaaki
Satoshi Tatsuhara
關鍵字: crown snow damage;understory tree;overstory crown cover(OCC);two-storied plantation;mositure and shade damage
Project: Conference on Sustainable Forest Management and Carbon Sequestration in Taiwan and Japan:31-41.
We analyzed damage to understory trees from the time of planting in 1992 until 2005 in a two-storied plantation in Anno at the University of Tokyo Forest in Chiba, Japan, where sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) and hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) were planted under an overstory of 102-year-old sugi. Three types of damage were investigated: trunk breaking and bending caused by snow on the crown, browsing and antler rubbing by deer, and natural death including damage caused by damp and shady conditions. For snow damage, the range of influence of the overstory crown was analyzed. To investigate moisture and shade damage and to distinguish high- and low-risk areas for this type of damage, a wetness index (WI) and overstory crown cover (OCC) were created based on subplot units.For all damage types, hinoki had higher damage rates than sugi. Linear regression analysis of the crown snow damage rate and OCC by subplot units resulted in coefficients of determination of 0.563 for sugi and 0.719 for hinoki. However, when OCC was approximately 70%, the damage rate approached 0% for both species. The crown snow damage rate and OCC showed a clear relationship at the individual unit level when the OCC unit was a 5-m radius from each understory tree. Conversely, there was no clear relationship for radii of 1 and 2 m. The OCC index was then used with the WI to determine the risk of damage from moisture and shade. The study results and methods can help forest managers decide which tree species to plant, where to plant, and how best to thin the overstory to reduce understory damage in two-tiered forests.
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