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標題: 以二次生長法合成MFI薄膜探討表面型態與氣體滲透之研究
Fabrication and characterization of MFI zeolite membranes by secondary growth method for gas separation
作者: 張馨方
Chang, Hsin-Fang
關鍵字: MFI zeolite membranes;MFI沸石薄膜;Secondary growth method;Molecular sieve;Gas separation;二次生長法;分子篩;氣體分離
出版社: 環境工程學系所
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沸石薄膜是一種鋁矽酸鹽的結晶型態,並具有分子篩選的特性,由於沸石薄膜能夠在許多嚴苛的環境下分離多種分子,因此廣泛應用於工業上。MFI型的沸石薄膜孔徑大小約為5.6 × 5.4 Å左右,其熱穩定性以及化學穩定性高,品質良好的MFI沸石薄膜通常為厚度較薄的膜且沒有缺陷,才能得到高通量與高選擇性的薄膜。

Zeolite membranes are crystalline aluminosilicates with molecular sieving properties. They can be widely used in industrial applications due to their capability to continuously separate molecules under severe conditions. The MFI zeolite structure has uniform pore diameter for gas separation, and its thermal and chemical stability is high. In order to obtain high performance MFI membranes, a thin and defect free film is needed for high flux and high selectivity.
In this study, silica-MFI-type zeolite membranes were synthesized on α-Al2O3 supports by drop seeding. The effect of seed particle size, loading weight, precursor solution molar rate, reaction temperature and reaction time as well as gas permeation properties were investigated. The as-synthesized membranes were characterized by FE-SEM, BET and XRD. The quality of the membranes was evaluated by the permeation separation of single gas H2, CO2, O2, and N2 at room temperature.
The results indicated that the high quality silica-MFI zeolite membranes can be prepared by the two times of secondary growth method with drop seeding under the conditions: for the first time, precursor solution molar rate of TEOS:0.12TPAOH:0.08NaOH:100H2O, reaction temperature of 110℃ and reaction time of 48 hr; for the second times, precursor solution molar rate of TEOS:0.025TPAOH:0.25NaOH:250H2O, reaction temperature of 105℃ and reaction time of 72 hr.
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