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標題: 衛星影像在天然災害損失評估與應用之研究-以森林火災為例
Study of the Application and Loss Area Evaluation from Natural Disaster Using Satellite Image-Example on Forest Fire
作者: 謝禮丞
關鍵字: 防災工程, 林業類;基礎研究;Satellite image;衛星影像;森林火災;地理資訊系統;Forest fire;GIS

The project is mainly focused on the inescapable disaster, forest fire. Satellite image will be applied on the preliminary study and evaluation of the discussion of disaster causes, damage area estimation, establishing the estimating model for loss area, and applying real time system for rescue work. Hopefully, this project could provide a basic estimating model for the forest fire damage area in Taiwan as well. There will be possibly providing a valid suggestion using satellite image for rescue work. Satellite image and GIS will be used in the project to overlap both information and check with some field measurement in the same area to check the validity of the estimating model. Thus, a valid estimating model for disaster area is expected. This model would provide a convenient and efficient way to estimate the real loss after disaster happened as well.
其他識別: 093301060000c1013
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