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標題: 國內農業廢棄物(含果樹廢棄物)生質酒精纖維素原料之供應鏈研析( I )
Study on the Supply Chain of Bioethanol Cellulose Material for Agricultural Waste (Including Fruiter$S Waste)
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 能源工程;應用研究;生質酒精;農業廢棄物;稻稈;玉米稈

In response to the demand of bio-energy development, and the requirement of bio-ethanol production is made from agricultural wastes in the future. Taiwan has to develop an appropriate system to supply the fiber raw material of agricultural waste to meet the present and future development needs. The cost of agricultural waste, which is used to produce bio-ethanol, will be very low or even free. But due to the agricultural waste to be converted into a valuable resource, it will become a marketable product. So far, the costs of raw material are mainly due to the works of harvesting, processing, and storage. And those works are the key operation parts of future bio-fiber alcohol plant. According to the future demand of bio-fiber alcohol plant, this project will select the following main agricultural wastes (rice stalk, corn stalk and fruit tree wastes) to be the target fiber raw materials. The select materials will be tested and processed in hand locally. This research will integrate the works of field harvesting, processing, transporting, storing, and delivery processing, and develop the supply chain for multiple agricultural wastes, which will meet the requirements of a plant. The economical scale of various agricultural materials will also be studied and analyzed. The goal of this research is to establish a stable supply chain of agricultural waste fiber raw materials and develop the key operation techniques to enhance the value of each element of supply chain. For maintaining the soil fertility and environment, this research will also study the consequent effects of soil fertility by removing the ratio of agricultural waste from the field, and the adaptable remedial procedure. The fertility values of residues which are left after separating fiber part, and the waste of producing alcohol will be evaluated and tested in a field. The optimum removing ratio of various agricultural wastes will be investigated and studied.
其他識別: NSC100-3113-E005-001
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