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標題: 馬拉巴栗田間省力採收工具之研究
Study of pachira macrocarpa picking tool with labour-saving
作者: 鄭經偉
關鍵字: 農業機械類;技術發展;Picking;採收;馬拉巴栗;振動鏟;Pachira Macrocarp;Shaking shovel

This year, will continue to use hand tools machine as a power source continued design Malabar chestnut mining harvest tools. Research and development shaking shovel maintain farmers digging harvesting habits and practices, the use of shovels of their appearance will be emptied of its internal vibration theory using small weights and springs installed system, use this system to produce reciprocating vibration impact shovels head into digging force, supporting the user to carry out excavation work, if the design can be successfully developed into a power source and easy to carry without the effort and digging will be applied to a variety of agricultural harvest job. It uses mechanization assist of traditionally artificial work. Improves the market competitiveness of Taiwan floriculture exports.
其他識別: 101農科-8.1.4-糧-Z1(2)
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