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標題: 稻穀儲存損耗與單位體積重量變化量測之探討
Investigation on the storage loss in granery and measurement on the unit volume weight of grain
作者: 林聖泉
關鍵字: 農業機械類;技術發展;Unit Volume Weight;單位體積重量;儲穀量;損耗;容重量;Storage;Loss;Bulk Density

Asystem for continuously measuring weight of grain stored in the granary is proposed here. The system consists of platform, AreoJack, and weighing module. The system is designed to avoid an effect of stress creeping. The packs of grain will be put on the platform.The weight and volume will be monitored continuously. The loss of grain due to changes of environmental factors during storage can be predicted. And, the formula for predicting unit volume weight will be established in this study. Therefore, the management for grain storage can be more scientific and reasonable. In Year 2012, the major work will be to increase number of experimental samples and to use these data to modify the prediction model for grain loss as well as the fomula for computing the unit volume weight.
其他識別: 101農科-9.2.1-糧-Z4
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