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標題: 牛乳房炎導電度檢測系統之研製
A Milk Electric Conductivity Measuring System for Milk Cow Mastitis Inspection
作者: 萬一怒
關鍵字: 農業機械類;應用研究
計畫目標: 本計畫目的在研製一套適合國內酪農使用之泌乳牛乳房炎導電度檢測系統, 在搾乳過程中能線上量測各分房乳導電度及乳溫.雖然從無到有的發展, 牛乳房炎連線導電度原型檢測系統, 經初步測試顯示可達到及時檢測乳房炎發生的效果, 然而要確保所發展系統功能的正確性與實用性, 系統需經完整的田間測試與分析, 並經過一段時間的實驗與修正過程.本年度將測試與改進牛乳房炎導電度自動檢測原型機系統, 製作36套改進後的牛乳房炎導電度檢測系統, 將裝設於有參加DHI或具有研究性質的畜牧場三家做田間測試, 並作導電度、體細胞數、感染菌的關連檢測.將舉辦示範觀摩.另外將設計製作中央控制軟體與輔助顯示板.

The purpose of the research is to develop a milk electrical conductivity ( EC )measuring system for mastitis inspection of dairy cow, which is suitable for domestic dairy farmer.The system can online monitoring milk EC variance and milk temperature during milking time.Although, the prototype system has been produced and according to tests, it shows ability to online detect those cows with mastitis.However, to ensure its final validity and practicability in mastitis inspection, the developed system need through field test and continuously modification.In this year research, the prototype system will be tested and improved.Thirty-six newly designed systems will be built and set in three dairy farmers those who have join DHI project.From tests, the correlation of milk electrical conductivity, somatic cell count and bacterium in that sampled milk will be examined to study the capability of the milk electrical conductivity ( EC )measuring system.Public exhibition will be hold to show its function.Central control software and auxiliary display board will also be designed and built.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.1-牧-U1(1)
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