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標題: 畜牧生產自動化技術服務團計畫
Technical Services for Livestock Automation
作者: 雷鵬魁
關鍵字: 自動化工程;應用研究
以推廣自動化生產, 來提高生產效率產品品質並降低成本, 對本省土地面積有限且飼養密度高的畜牧業而言, 特別重要.農業自動化計畫實施以來, 本團引進各類生產作業自動化設備, 加以適用性評估並舉辦推廣示範, 且選擇適用者進行國產化技術之開發.畜產自動化技術服務團以產業分為三組: 養豬產業自動化技術服務團、家禽產業自動化技術服務團、草食產業自動化技術服務團.主要協助建立畜牧產業作業自動化模式, 提高畜產品產量與產業水準, 以吸引更多青年人投入畜牧界, 強化示範點之建立並推動設備使用之普及率; 利用輔助貸款, 計畫協助業者改善生產作業以提昇作業自動化層次, 並且實地訪查計畫執行情況, 了解自動化過程中農民所遭遇的問題, 研究解決之道; 舉辦有關畜產自動化之訓練、觀摩、研討會、編製畜產自動化全程之計畫成果專輯.建立各類畜產作業自動化模式, 提高生產效率及維護產品品質, 促進畜產業者生產自動化, 可節省作業勞力約20%-30%, 解決人力不足之問題, 進而降低畜產廢棄物污染問題.

Automation system could upgrade the production efficiency and product quality, and also lower down the producton cost.Our livestock industry faces the limited land constrain, thus automation system becomes especially important for our intensive management.Importing and evaluating the suitable automation equipments and introducing them to farmers are the targets of Technique Services for Livestock Automation.The team of technique services for animal product automation was divided to: technique services for Swine industry, technique services for Plultry automation and technique services for Ruminant industry automation, three groups.Mainly to help animal industrial develop the model of automation, through training, demonstrating and seminal, helping animal industry upgrade the automation level, to promote product quantity and quality.Develop all kind of animal produce automation model, promote produce efficiency and quality, to reduce operation labor demand about 20-30%.Solving labor deficiency and reduce the pollution of animal product waste problems.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.1-牧-U1(2)
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