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標題: 蛋殼檢測器之研究
Study on the Detector of Egg Shell
作者: 鄭經偉
關鍵字: 農業機械類;應用研究
計畫目標: 開發敲擊器, 使國內掌握蛋類檢測器之自動化技術.架構( 重要工作項目 ): 以原先所使用之集音管為基礎, 設計一新的敲擊器, 管的一端以彈性體包覆集音管, 防止敲擊時擊破蛋殼, 將微音麥克風置於另一端, 作為接收蛋殼所發聲響與敲擊器敲擊後之聲音, 接收之訊號經放大器處理後, 傳送至電腦供分析比對.預期效益: 本計畫所研發改進檢測器的鑒別率, 將可使蛋殼裂痕的檢測取代人工作業, 達到自動化的目的, 降低成本並確保蛋品品, 提昇產業的競爭力.

According to the results of project entitled ”The development of an automatic detecting system for cracks of egg shell”, it is possible to tell the difference between eggshell with and without cracks.Nevertheless for the cracks cannot be recognized by human's eye, the accuracy is only eighty percent, on the other words, it still has twenty percent of error existed.Therefore, in this project, it is to investigate the reasons and then to improve this proto type system and promote the detected accuracy.At present, the information for judging eggshell with/without cracks is based on the sound spectrum collected by the sound beam.Hence, it is important to find out the knocking head to improve the ability of identification.Once the automatic machine has been made, the egg farmers can save labors and lower the operating cost, and uplift their incomes.To judge and obtain the signal from the eggshell for this system, it is designed a sound beam and an elastic mechanism.Put a mini-microphone inside the sound beam and when the mechanism touches the eggshell, the mini-microphone will send that signal to pre-amplifier.Through an A/D converter, the enlarged signal will be sent to main control computer to analyze.Finally, the results are used to control the driving parts to doing the works of classification.The important items include: ( 1 )The works of selecting eggs with/without cracks.( 2 )Design a new detector to collect the impact signal.( 3 )Construct the basic spectrum data to compare the egg with/without cracks.( 4 )Provide basic theory for the detecting system.( 5 )Develop other devices needed.( 6 )To hold a meeting for demonstrating and emulating.The purpose of this project is to develop a detector to exam the eggs with/without cracks.Once the automatic machine has been made, the egg farmers can save labors and lower the operating cost, and uplift their competition.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.1-牧-U1(5)
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