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標題: 本土化電腦監控與管理系統應用於密閉式畜禽舍之評估與開發
Development and Evaluation of Computerize Monitored Control and Management System for Closed-Type Livestock in Taiwan
作者: 陳俊明
關鍵字: 農業機械類;應用研究
研發水簾式肉雞舍空氣品質之自動監控系統, 利用此系統以達成雞舍內空氣良好品質, 以利雞隻成長, 並進行整體系統之效益評估, 以達實際推廣雞農使用為目標, 並可作為未來電腦化自動監控肉雞舍推廣之重要示範依據與場所, 預期未來商品化後, 至少可推廣200套以上.

In this research, we develop an automatically monitoring and controlling system for air quality used in the water-pad broiler house.A better air quality in the broiler house can be achieved by the use of the system, and the growth of broiler is improved.To extend its practical use by the broiler farmers, the current system is evaluated applying the method of cost-benefit analysis.The results of this research demonstrate a future broiler housing system that is automatically monitored and controlled by computer.It is expected more than 200sets of such system to be extended after its commercialization in the future.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.1-牧-U1(10)
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