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標題: 作物本體監控系統人才培育計畫
Researcher Nursery on Crop Monitoring and Controlling System
作者: 陳加忠
關鍵字: 自動化工程;其他
為提昇農產品生產之品質與穩定產量, 設施農業生產已為知識經濟應用於農業生產之典範.傳統上設施內部環控作業指標僅為內部氣體環境, 例如溫度、相對濕度與光量.此種栽培管理方式由於忽視了作物本身需求, 因此容易造成能源浪費與過量使用化學物品.國外之研究中以德國與荷蘭兩國對此技術之研發最為先進.在此人才培育計畫擬選派國內已有相關經驗之研究人才前往德國漢諾威大學、荷蘭農工學院、各環控系統公司研習其作物生產智慧型監控系統等先進技術.研習結果可加速國內此方面技術之水準, 提昇國內農產品於國際之競爭力.重要工作項目包括: 1.資料收集與行程規畫、連繫.收集近年來國際期刊與國際會議中有關此研習主題之研究單位資料, 進行連繫並安排研習行程.2.前往德國漢諾威大學, 荷蘭農業大學、農業研究單位、溫室與資材廠商、溫室環控系統公司等研習有關作物生理感測之先進技術.藉由參觀國際園藝設施設備展覽( NTV展 )之機會, 廣泛研習研究中與已商品化之技術.3.返國後撰寫出國報告, 並進行專案報告以加速研習技術之推廣.4.以此研習所得先進技術與未來研究計畫配合以落實技術推廣.此計畫之預期效益包括收集考察歐洲作物本體監控之先進技術, 配合國內農業發展現況, 引進相關技術, 提昇國內研究水準, 促進農產品生產之品質與穩定產量.

In order to promote the quality and to stabilize the quantity of agricultural products, protected culture has become the pattern for the application of knowledge economic on agriculture.The traditional control strategy for the microclimate modification of greenhouse only considered the aerial environment, such as air temperature, relative humidity and solar intensity.Because of the neglecting for the crop requirement, too much energy was lost and the chemical materials were overused.German and The Netherlands had established the advanced technique for the topic of crop monitoring and controlling system.In this proposal, three researchers with relative research experience were selected to participate this project.The important work items included: 1.To collect the detail information about this subject from the research journals and proceeds of international meeting.Some research centers and university will be contact for the arrangement of schedule, 2.Visit the Hanover University, Agricultural University of The Netherlands, Agricultural research institute, greenhouse companies, environment control companies, and NTV inhibition, 3.Write and print the final reports about this proposal, attend the meeting to introduce the results, 4.Incorporate these advance techniques with the further research projects.The expect harvest for this project is to collect the advance technique of monitoring and controlling for crop production, introduce the novel technique to promote the research level and enhance the quality and quantity of the crop production.
其他識別: 90農科-1.8.1-糧-Z1(4)
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