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標題: 循跡式果園自動施藥機之研製
The Development of an Automatic Sprayer with Self-Tracking Function for an Orchard
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 自動化工程;技術發展
由於現今的農業發展趨勢已朝向自動化、機械化及資訊化等各方面發展, 為了節省人工並降低生產成本, 依田間生產作業的實際需要, 開發多用途的自動導引車輛進行費工危險之作業, 已成為一項重要的研究發展工作.本研究之主要目的在於整合先前之研究成果, 加以改良修正並搭配自動循跡系統、GPS衛星導航系統、電子羅盤及陀螺儀等各項控制系統, 使施藥機在田間作業時更加流暢, 施藥機在完成初期, 採用超音波感測植株的位置, 由控制系統控制閥門以進行施藥, 同時確保在轉彎以及無作物的位置時施藥停止, 行走在植株間進行施藥, 有效控施藥量的使用並藉著遠端遙控加以監控及修改施藥機之作業狀態.本計畫所開發的無人噴藥車具有低價的感測與導航控制系統、高可靠度的元件、可適用於多種不同的開放田區的彈性度、智慧型、多功能、開發易懂、易操作等技術特點, 使操作方便容易.

The recent development trend of agriculture is mechanization, automation, and electronic.For further lowering the labor and production costs, to develop an automatic vehicle with self-guiding function to carry out some tedious and dangerous operations in real agricultural practice becomes an important research work.At beginning this study will fully inspect and integrate past related achievements to develop the control system.The system will be further enhanced with modern tracking and positioning techniques and equipment, e.g.self-tracking, GPS, electronic compass, and gyroscope.The developed sprayer will be equipped with ultrasonic sensing device to detect plants to control the spraying operation.The control system will stop the spraying as detecting no plants and the sprayer in turning motion, and precisely control the spraying toward the plants.The remote control technique is also adopted to monitor the sprayer operation, and make the necessary adjustments.The developed sprayer in this study will be equipped with effective and low-cost sensing and guiding systems, and highly reliable devices.The sprayer, which is capable of flexibility, artificial intelligence, multiple functions, and ease-learning, should be widely applicable to various open orchards.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.1-糧-Z1(11)
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