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標題: 花卉設施栽培作業自動化系統之開發與應用
Development and Application of Automation Systems for Floriculture Protected Culture Industry
作者: 陳加忠
關鍵字: 自動化工程;應用研究
此計畫全程目標在於台灣地區花卉產地成立花卉生產自動化技術示範中心, 以提供花卉教育生產者推廣、教育、示範及試驗之功.本年度目標在於國內花卉產地建立花卉栽培自動化示範點六處, 推展花卉自動化生產技術之研究成果, 以進行示範推廣並研發關鍵技術.本年度重要工作項目及實施方法分述如下: 1.生物本體指標環控與肥培自動化: 以作物蒸散量、葉綠素值與作物體溫為指標, 建立生理環控技術.2.以作物光合作用、呼吸作用、植株本體氮含量等感測技術, 結合養液或肥培管理, 使作物肥培管理技術加以量化並結合原環控系統.3.切花收穫後處理作業: 針對文心蘭、火鶴花等切花栽培場, 建立預冷、殺菌作業一貫化系統.4.網室設施花卉( 火鶴花、海芋等 )自動化作業體系之建立, 由關鍵性作業項目開始推廣自動化技術, 並逐漸引進溫室設施.5.介質消毒與分配機具: 設計研製介質消毒機具, 依栽培容器尺寸進行介質分配.工作項目包括原來舊介質之篩選, 去雜質, 再粉碎, 輸送到殺菌室, 後送貯存.6.示範點建立與技術推廣: 以同一地區, 同一作物之花卉生產班為對象.對共同性之作業場建立一貫化之機械化與自動化作業技術.持續依產業性質與地域特性建立技術示範點.7.半開放式栽培設施噴霧降溫系統規劃設計: 針對半開放式栽培設施之噴霧降溫系統進行規劃、設計、測試及推廣, 並建立示範點一處 ( 主要栽培作物為高價位之豬籠草 ).本年度預定成果為在於國內花卉產地建立花卉栽培自動化示範點六處, 推展花卉自動化生產技術之研究成果, 以進行示範推廣並研發關鍵技術.

The flower production areas and quantities have increased significantly year by year.In order to keep the pace of this product for the domestic and foreign markets, the quality of flower must enhanced.However, the labors in country were limited by the effect of industry.The wages have increased and the labor was scarcely.To solve the problem of shortage of labor, the technologies of mechanization and automation must be introduced.The total aims of this project are to establish the demonstration centers in Taiwan.These centers could provide the functions of extension, education, and test.The aim of this project for this year is to establish several demonstration centers.The novel technology is extended.Further studies are executed.The major items and practical methods are: 1.The bio-index environment control and fertilization control technique.These control units will be incorporated into traditional control systems; 2.the post-harvest technique for cutting flower: to develop a conveying system to transport the cutting flowers into the pre-cooling room and grade these products; 3.The establishment of the auto-production system for Anthurium and Oncidiums.4.Sterilization and distribution equipment for medium; 5.single-chip control systems to miniature the control device; 6.establishment of the demonstration centers and technique extension; 7.The operation of automation service teams.The checking points for this year is to establish six demonstration centers.The novel technology is extended.The establishment of the electronic commercialization will be conducted.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.1-糧-Z1(13)
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