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標題: 果實蠅誘蟲器監控系統之研製
Design and Development of a Monitoring System for the Oriental Fruit Fly Trap
作者: 謝廣文
關鍵字: 農業機械類, 植物保護類;應用研究
計畫目標: 進一步研發監控式果實蠅誘蟲盒, 並利用可監控式果實蠅誘蟲器, 經實際田間試驗, 提供本省果實蠅族群動態狀況資料, 協助發展防治果實蠅模式軟體, 對防制果實蠅提供一新的利器.架構( 重要工作項目 ): 自動計數裝置及誘捕狀況控制系統之改良: 針對已研製完成之雛型可監控式果實蠅誘蟲器, 改良光電式自動計數裝置與單晶片誘捕狀況控制系統之電源與感測電路, 並進一步研究遙控與接收等機電技術, 使能更確實且更有效率的感測並記錄果實蠅族群的數目.提供本省果實蠅族群動態狀況資料: 與臺中區農業改良場合作, 利用可監控式果實蠅誘蟲器, 經實際田間試驗, 監測掌握果實蠅動態, 再配合電腦分析功能, 提供建構果實蠅動態模式之資料.預期效益: ( 1 )可瞭解昆蟲消長情形, 提供用葯時機之參考, 降低殺蟲劑使用次數, 減少葯劑費用支出及濫用.( 2 )可減少或取代人工計數昆蟲數時間、次數.( 3 )可評估病蟲害防治有效性之判斷.( 4 )增加作物的美觀和商品價值.

With the TDAIS fruit trap as the main frame and the monitoring system modeled from a sex pheromone bug trap, the objective of the study is to develop a fruit fly trap with monitoring ability for controlling fruit flies.At the third year of the four years project, the monitoring technologies will be applied to the developing fruit fly trap.Advantages of this proposed fruit fly trap are as follows: 1.Reduction in the frequency and cost of pesticide application by good application guidelines obtained from well-understood information about growth situations of fruit flies.2.Reduction in the required labor and time for bug-counting due to the replacement of manual operation with this system.3.Providing a method to evaluate the effectiveness of fruit fly control.4.Increase in the good-looking appearances and commercial value of produce.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.2-糧-Z1(3)
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