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標題: 連續式紅外線茶葉烘焙機之研製
Development of Infrared Tea Roasting Machine for Continuous Type
作者: 阮助明
關鍵字: 農業機械類;技術發展
目前茶農烘焙茶葉, 除了少數仍使用傳統炭焙外, 大部份皆利用箱型焙茶機及電熱焙籠.炭焙法主要是應用紅外線輻射熱進行烘焙, 故烘焙品質較佳; 但該法操作不易、工資高昂、作業環境頗差.而箱型焙茶機及電熱焙籠等設備皆利用熱風為能源, 故烘焙作業效率低且茶葉品質不易提昇.因此, 本計畫之目的擬研製一台以紅外線當烘焙熱能, 並且具有熱風循環輔助系統、進料量、烘焙時間、烘焙溫度及茶葉翻拌作用等控制功能之茶葉烘焙機, 以建立連續式烘焙作業之加工技術.藉由本計畫新型紅外線茶葉烘焙機之研發, 期能節省能源, 提昇茶農烘焙加工作業效率與茶葉品質, 以增加國產茶葉之市場競爭力與茶農之收益.

The purpose of this project was to develop a continuous infrared tea roaster that can improve farmers'competitiveness and profit margin through energy saving, better processing efficiency and tea quality.A machine with automatic control of roasting time and temperature, as well as mechanisms to turn over tealeaves automatically and to recycle warm air, was designed.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.2-糧-Z1(5)
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