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標題: 自然通風器應用於溫室環控之研究
The Application of the Energy-Free Turbo Ventilator in the Green House
作者: 謝禮丞
關鍵字: 農業機械類;應用研究
本省氣候環境多變, 採用設施栽培者逐年增加, 其中內部微氣候管理作業為重點之一.目前使用各種不同型態的溫室環控方式, 如太子樓及動力風扇……等, 但其造價較昂貴, 以致生產成本較高.渦輪式免動力的自然通風器, 已經在工業廠房與餐廳廚房等蔚為風潮, 效果良好, 並具有免動力、無噪音、不漏雨、散熱對流效果佳, 及維修容易等優點.若將其應用於農業設施, 將可提供農友另一種通風散熱裝置的選擇, 亦可降低生產成本.本計畫依據上年度之基礎研究, 改進裝置個數不足之缺點; 對於結構強度再做進一步之分析; 室內流場亦將作分析, 以了解自然通風器之抽風路徑, 對作物生長提供有用之參考推論; 同時進行經濟分析, 與太子樓作效果與經濟效益之比較.

The climate is varied very much in Taiwan during each growing season.Thus, there are increasing numbers of culture under cover applications in the island.One of the most important factor inside the under cover system is the control of microclimate.Various heat radiating and cooling equipments or systems are utilized, such as monitor type and electrical fan type green houses.However, those systems are relatively expensive.There is a turbo ventilator which is widely installed in many factories and restaurants.The turbo ventilator shows several advantages such as energy-free, noise-free, leaking-free, good heat convection as well as easy maintain.Applying this type of device in under cover agriculture would provide farmers an alternate system to lower the cost.This project following the results from preliminary study in last year will increase the numbers of turbo ventilator installing on the under cover application.The structure analyses will be further proceeded.There will be a flow field analysis involved to study the air flow inside the under cover application and will be useful references for growing plant using turbo ventilators.Then, economic analysis will be performed as well as a comparison between monitor type and turbo ventilator type.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.2-糧-Z1(7)
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