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標題: 水產電腦魚計機之研發
Development of a Computer Register for Fish Count
作者: 陳俊明
關鍵字: 農業機械類;應用研究
本計畫為第二年之延續性計畫, 研究以影像處理方法為主, 配合實際魚苗以透明壓克力管, 以自動輸送方式進入採樣暗室, 同時改善CCD攝影機與打光裝置為可微調, 希望能找出最適之應用方式, 作為魚苗的精確計數之用, 以符合實際養殖業者需求.本研究預期可以解決人工處理珍貴魚苗的計數問題, 提高魚苗計數效率與準確率, 降低成本與減少人力需求.

The research is the consecutive project of the second year aiming at development of technology for fish seeds counting by the use of images methods.The counting system consists of transparent acrylic ducts and automatical transportation device that deliver the seeds into the dark room for image processing.The CCD camera and the lighting equipment can be automatically adjusted to microscale to obtain the optimal viewing position for accurate counting as demanded by the aquacultural farmers.This research is expected to solve the hand counting problem of precious fish seeds.Moreover, the efficiency and accuracy of the counting technology can be improved, and the cost and the labor demand are reduced.
其他識別: 90農科-5.1.1-漁-F1(7)
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