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標題: 文蛤循環水處理系統之研發
Development of a Treatment System of Recirculating Water for Clams
作者: 尤瓊琦
關鍵字: 農業機械類, 漁業類;應用研究
本研究主要規劃設計一套文蛤循環水處理系統, 藉以降低文蛤養殖地區地下水使用量, 並改善水質提升文蛤成長率, 增加養殖業者收益與解決地層下陷問題.計畫執行首先選擇合法養殖場, 規劃設計一套可以物理處理與生物處理的循環水處理系統, 物理處理部分將依實際養殖場結構組裝一套旋轉式粒子過濾機.生物處理部分將於現有設備下再組裝一套生物濾床, 最後將物理處理與生物處理與養殖池連線測試.並詳細記錄分析實際使用水量、養殖池水質與文蛤成長情形.本研究初期以降低原用水量一半為目標, 並改善養殖池水質, 增加文蛤實質收益.

This research is to plan and design a treatment system of recirculating water for clams.The underground water consumption in the clam culture area is expected to reduce.The water quality as well as the growth rate of clam can be increased, so as to raise the income of the clam farmers and to resolve the problem of stratum descent often occurring in such areas.The first step of this project is to select a legal aquacutural field, in which a treatment system of recirculating water planned and designed is capable of physical and biomass processings.The physical processing consists of a rotating type of solid screen to accommodate the practical culture arrangement and capacity.The biomass processing is to assemble a set of biomass filter on the original system.Both the physical and biomass processing units will be combined with the culture ponds for further testing.Moreover, the amount of water consumption, the water quality and the growth rate of clams will be recorded and analyzed in detail.The preliminary stage of this research is to reduce the amount of water consumption to half, to improve the water quality and to increase the benefit of clam farmers.
其他識別: 90農科-1.4.5-漁-F3(20)
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