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標題: 大量動物屍體處理之研究分析
Study on the Process of a Large Amount of Animal'S Corpses
作者: 雷鵬魁
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類;應用研究
(1) 規劃動物安樂死的方法、動物屍體處理方法、動物屍體運送方式、處理大量屍體所需人力物力及減少媒體注意力之防範措施. (2) 動物屍體處理規劃手冊進行修正與補充. (3) 規劃化製場之冷凍設備之建立. (4) 建立從焚化動物之原料、絞碎、投入、焚化、完成一貫化作業模式. (5) 規劃家禽自動化安樂死之設備.建立一完整動物屍體處理系統,可以有效率的緊急處理與對應,避免傳染病蔓延,以減少飼養戶之損失、環境衛生之危害與產業之衝擊.

(1) Planning the euthanasial method of the animal, the processed method of animal corpse, the mode of transport of animal corpse, the manpower and material resources of proceeding the large of corpses, reducing the defense method of the attention of mass media. (2) Process of animal's corpses book by correcting. (3) Planning refrigeration appliance in the rendering. (4) Building of feedstock, disintegrator, plunge, burn in burn animal form sustained of operation example. (5) Building up the complet system that the proceeding of the animal's corpse. Reducing the loss of feeder, the danger of sanitation and the industrial shocks.
其他識別: 92農科-1.8.1-檢-BC(1)
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