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標題: 利用電子商務開創多元運銷通路及策略聯盟
The Application of E-Commerce to Establish Multiple Marketing Channels and Strategy Ally
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 農產運銷;應用研究

To develop a modern marketing model is an important task for Taiwan fishery industry at present. To establish multiple marketing channels will be the first step, and then it will gradually move toward developing a modern commercial marketing model. In the meantime, it becomes a very imperative task to strengthen the competitive superiority for local fishery products since Taiwan entering WTO. After Taiwan entering WTO, imported fishery products threaten local fishery industry directly. In this highly competitive time, in addition to promoting the production technique and efficiency, the more important work is to strengthen the marketing competitive capability with advanced and modern marketing strategy for local fishery products. And the work to establish multiple marketing channels and strategy ally for local fishery products becomes imperative. To establish an e-commerce system will definitely include the flows of information, money and products. The main task in this project is to form a strategy ally to glue the flows of information, money and products together. This work will assist to erect a fishery e-commerce with economic advantage and developing potential. The content of establishing e-commerce will be intensified expanded to strengthen its marketing competitive stand. The fishery industry will be further educated to establish its capability to utilize and develop its own e-commerce. For promoting the brand marketing of fishery products, the established e-commerce web will be used to do the real-time and dynamic advertisement in order to enhance its advertising effect and business opportunity. All information will be analyzed and integrated to improve and develop practical strategy of e-commerce for local fishery products.
其他識別: 92農科-7.2.3-漁-F1(1)
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