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標題: 花卉本體生理感測與設施栽培自動化技術推廣
Floriculture Physiological Monitoring and Extension of Automation Systems for Protected Culture
作者: 陳加忠
關鍵字: 自動化工程, 園藝;技術發展
1. 生物本體指標環控自動化:作物本體各元素含量偵測系統以結合原環控系統建立生理基礎之環控技術。 2. 結合葉部氣孔開啟測定系統以配合灌溉作業,使得植物生長潛勢感測與灌溉策略配合。 3. 延續設施花卉(國蘭、火鶴花、拖鞋蘭等)自動化作業體系之建立,由關鍵性作業項目開始推廣自動化技術,並逐漸引進溫室設施。 4. 示範點建立與技術推廣:以同一地區,同一作物之花卉生產班為對象。對共同性之作業場建立一貫化之機械化與自動化作業技術。持續依產業性質與地域特性建立技術示範點。 5. 延續技術服務團作業,推廣自動化技術。開發花卉生理感測技術,配合原環控系統促進設施花卉自動化生產之品質與產量,提升國內花卉之產值。

The major items and practical methods of this project are: 1 Automationof the physiological monitoring for bio-index: The monitor of crop elements and combined eith environment control and fertilization control technique. 2. Combine the stem sap measurement with the irrigation. These control units will be incorporated into traditional control systems. 3. Environmental control of tissue culture rooms; to ensure the thermal uniform by therml distribution sensing. 4. Extensing the automatic production systems for Anthurium, Asian orchids, and Calla lily. 5. Establishment of the demonstration centers and technique extension; 6. The operation of automation service teams.
其他識別: 93農科-6.1.1-糧-Z1(1)
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