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標題: 含蕃茄紅素擠壓產品之抗氧化功能研究
Studies on Antioxidative Properties of Lycopene Extrudates
作者: 彭錦樵
關鍵字: 食品科技;基礎研究;lycopene;蕃茄紅素;抗氧化;antioxidative

Recently, medical science more and more emphasized that the components ofantioxidation on healthy effect for human. Medical studies have found that mostdiseases would be related with free radicals, including cancer, arthritis,diabetes, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure etc. The period of a strongprobability of cancer and the rising ideology of consumers, people paid muchattention to prevent cancer and to reduce the probability of chronic diseases.Most diseases were related to environment and diet. If we have strengthened ourantioxidative properties, we would effectively prevent diseases and senescenceand prolong people life.Expect the original system of enzyme and scavenging activity, a antioxdativemolecule gained from food is most important. The antioxdative nutrition in foodlike carotenoid, it had better free radical scavenging activity and reducingpower of singlet oxygen, in which lycopene also had biological effect likeantioxidation, anti- aging and preventing diseases.At present, health-care becomes the popular trend. Functional and healthyfood has became an efficient instrument in people life. The latest researchreports indicate that natural antioxidants in food which prevented peroxidationand played anti-cancer role.The objective of this study is to investigate the antioxidation propertiesof lycopene extrudates compared with the raw materials according to theevaluation methods reported by Department of Health. The healthy function ofthis new extruded product is expected to be found, and it will provide theconsumers more choice for selection of foods.
其他識別: NSC93-2313-B005-043
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