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標題: 拖鞋蘭組培苗量產技術體系的改進
The Improvement of the Mass Production Systems of Tissue Culture Plantlets for Paphiopedilum
作者: 陳加忠
關鍵字: 生物技術, 園藝;應用研究
此研究之工作項目如下: 1. 配合拖鞋蘭產業所選擇的商業化生產品種進行栽培生理分析研究,以建立拖鞋蘭組織培養苗生產環境的最佳作業條件。 2. 以同化箱進行相同拖鞋蘭品種中大苗的生理特性研究。 3. 改善現有拖鞋蘭組培苗量產體系。 4. 改善現有拖鞋蘭栽培設施。 5. 結合上述研究項目結果以組培苗成長的最佳條件做為栽培室環境控制之依據。工作目標為協助業者降低生產成本提高種苗品質。

The research items included: 1. To analysis the physiological functions of commercialized varieties that selected by growers and establish the information of optimum environments for tissue culture plantlets of Paphiopedilum. 2. To study the physiological function of mature plants of Paphiopedilum by the assimilation method. 3. Improvement of the mass production systems for tissue culture factory of Paphiopedilum. 4. Improvement the protected culture of of Paphiopedilum. 5. Integrated the above items and control the environment of plantlets with the optimum growth conditions. The objectives of this research are to improve the quality of plantlets and reduced cost.
其他識別: 95農科-6.1.3-糧-Z2(2)
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