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標題: 水果收穫後處理品質追蹤系統之研究
Study on Trace System for Fruit Quality in Post-Harvesting Process
作者: 謝廣文
關鍵字: 農產運銷;技術發展
本研究將完成芒果收穫後品質追蹤履歷系統之流程規劃、硬體設計及芒果收穫後品質追蹤履歷資訊格式之設計。全程計畫期能建立完善之水果收穫後處理品質追蹤系統。消費者可利用水果上之條碼於網際網路中查尋水果品質履歷資料庫,讓消費者了解到水果收穫後處理過程, 提升台灣水果銷售競爭力,並提供生產流程之改善資訊。

The objectives of this project are to set up the layout of processing flow and to design the information format and hardware of a quality tracing and logging system for post-harvested mangos. The final goal of this project is to establish a well-designed quality tracing system for post-harvested fruits. Consumers can access the quality history database via internet connection and understand all post-harvest processes by checking the bar code labeled on fruits. The quality tracing and logging system is expected to provide Taiwan's fruits with the ability to compete in sale markets and to provide valuable information for improving the production process.
其他識別: 95農科-7.1.2-糧-Z1(8)
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