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標題: 台灣農產品標準分類編碼管理與應用模式之研究
Study on Management and Application Models of Standard Codes for Taiwan Agricultural Products
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 農產運銷;應用研究;Agricultural Products;農產品;標準編碼;應用模式;Standard Codes;Application Models

The project, the study on management and application models of standard codes for Taiwan agricultural products, will be conducted. The developed standard codes will be linked to GS1-128 bar code. The developed codes will be used with the other related information system to create the new add-value application. The AI items of GS1-128 will be fully studied and planned in order to satisfy the demands from domestic and international markets. The strategy and schedule to implement the developed codes by conducting, extending and applying to the business will be planned in order to smooth the future application and development of the codes. This project will be executed by solid information collection and strong team work. The research team will include the related experts from academic institutes, wholesale market, supermarket, and warehouse. The team will study to fully understand the circumstance and demands to implement the codes. The integrated resolution will be presented by the team. The promoting and extending tasks for the resolution implementation will be planned. On the other hand, the coding work for agricultural products is the essential basis of electronic development for agricultural products. The future further and add-value applications of the developed codes will also be planned in this project. The completion of this project, the study on management and application models of standard codes for Taiwan agricultural products, will accelerate the continuous works of conducting, extending, and applying for the developed codes. The works of coding and application of growing and marketing resumes of agricultural products will be implemented together. The total value of the chain, which includes the works of production, transportation and marketing, will be increment significantly, and the international market will be further extended. The achievements of this project will further intensify the domestic and foreign marketing channels. The confidence of consumers for local agricultural products will be raised and the operation scale will be magnified. It will also benefit the electronic development for agricultural industry. The bar code and the growing and marketing resume will closely tie to the public life. The economic benefit will be further intensified in agricultural industry.
其他識別: 95農科-2.1.4-糧-Z2
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