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標題: 果菜批發市場殘貨去化暨廢棄物減量之研究
The Study of Residue Eliminated and Reduced for Wholesale Market of Fruits and Vegetables
作者: 盛中德
關鍵字: 農產運銷, 農業環境保護;應用研究;Wholesale Market;批發市場;殘貨;減量;Residue;Reduce the Amount

This project is based on the collection of relevant materials, such as domestic residue source of wholesale market of fruits and vegetables. The experience of related vendor, experts' and scholars' proposes are also consulted. To study the tactics how to reduce the residue quantity entered into wholesale market of fruits and vegetables for further investigate and analysis then propose the concrete feasible plan. Through the plan, it's expected to reduce residue entered into market and keep it in the place of production effectively in the future. It's reducing opposite influence of environment of market, improving the wholesale market auction's efficiency and enhancing agriculturist's profits.
其他識別: 96農科-5.1.2-糧-Z1(3)
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