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標題: 建立農產品RFID供貨、理貨標準作業及系統
Establish an Supply and Tally System for Agricultural Produce and Its SOP with RFID
作者: 翁郁凱
關鍵字: 農產運銷;應用研究

This plan want to establish a system by using the RFID and the information transmission facilities to supply and tally the agricultural goods. By placing this system, we could dramatically reduce the tally time in an auction market, make less mistakes, and also speed up the process. So we could effectively improve the performance and fix the problems of the auction market, such as costing too much time to gather follows, moving follows too much, and the late of the vehicles. Also we hope that the successful system using RFID to the flowers industry could be the leading one, let Taiwan agriculture not only move to fine, more over step to the modernization.
其他識別: 96農科-8.1.3-糧-Z3(2)
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