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標題: 建立農民團體農產品供應中心進、供貨、理貨及物流管理標準作業及系統
To Establish the SOP and System for Stocking,Supplying,Preparing and Managing Agricultural Products of a Supply Center by Farmers Units
作者: 謝廣文
關鍵字: 農產運銷;應用研究

The barcode and its application system will be conducted into the supply units and logistic center of agricultural products. This project will enhance the application ability of supply units and the integrated application ability of logistic center with barcode. The operating and managing system of barcode will be planned to use for supply units and logistic center. The computer plateform of barcode application between both will be established in order to perform the functions of barcode and promote the efficiency of information exchange via internet. The SOP to supply and prepare products will be established for supply units to intensify the system of transporting and marketing. The efficiency of transporting and marketing of agricultural products will be increased and the efficiency of supply chain of vegetables and fruits is improved. The cost to operate and manage the supply chain will be further reduced, and the competitiveness of entire system will be raised. At least one system included logistic center and supply units will be completed, and it will apply the developed barcode system to its operation. The project can promote the managing efficiency of whole transporting and marketing system for agricultural products. The project will not only increase the efficiency of operation, management, and control of supply units of farmers groups, but also improve the efficiecncy of operating the supply chain, the cost of managing the material handling. The whole competiveness of local supply system of agricultural products will be promoted significantly.
其他識別: 96農科-8.1.3-糧-Z3(1)
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