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標題: 蘭花大苗逆境生理探討與保鮮儲運技術研發
Study of the Stress for Mature Orchids and Development of the Storing and Handling Technique
作者: 陳加忠
關鍵字: 自動化工程, 園藝;應用研究;Orchids;蘭花;儲運;生理感測;Storing and Handling;Physiological Measurement

Phalaenopsis and Oncidium are the major products for the orchids industry in Taiwan. To enhance the quality and quantity, the developed techniques included the greenhouse structure and environment control system, sensors and precision management, and physiological sensing system. However, the development of quality maintains technology for the mature orchids at storing and handling stages have not been studied. It has become the bottleneck for the growth of the orchids industry. The purpose of this project is to establish the quality maintain technology for both orchids. Then the integral and systematic production system can be established. The working item includes: 1.the culture physiology of sever varieties of Phalaenopsis, 2.the effect of pretreatment technology on the quality of orchids, 3. the effect of the adequate microclimate of storing and handling on the quality of mature orchids, 4.the design of the opening slots and environment control of storing box, 5.the improvement of the air condition performance of the sea carrier, 6.recovery technology for mature orchids, 7.investagation of the growth condition of orchids in greenhouse, 8.the writing of the standard operation procedures. The research results of this propose can be used to establish the integral production system. The production process of orchids can be control and the timing and quality can be stabilized.
其他識別: 96農科-1.2.1-科-a1(8)
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