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標題: 佳葉龍茶產製機械最適操作條件及保健功效之試驗研究
The Study on the Optimum Operation Conditions of the Gaba Tea Proceesing Machine and the Healthy Functions Experiments
作者: 彭錦樵
關鍵字: 農業機械類;應用研究
佳葉龍茶(GABA TEA)源自於日本(1978年),是一種保健茶,台灣於數年前引進此種製茶技術,但茶農生產之佳葉龍茶品質不佳。中興大學生物產業機電工程系在農委會經費補助下已成功地研發一套「佳葉龍茶產製機械」,產製之佳葉龍茶風味佳且GABA含量高,品質穩定,頗受好評。本研究計畫乃利用該機械進行進一步之製茶試驗及各項保健功能實驗。第一年擬以台茶13號進行最適操作條件試驗,及佳葉龍茶與其它茶類之主要成份與抗氧化保健功能實驗。第二年擬以青心烏龍進行最適操作條件試驗,並同時進行佳葉龍茶之保肝功能實驗。第三年擬進行佳葉龍茶之降血壓、保腎及解酒等功能實驗。計畫結束後,不但可生產高品質之佳葉龍茶給廣大消費者飲用,促進國人飲茶之保健,更可提供茶農製造佳葉龍茶之關鍵技術,提昇茶葉產業之國際競爭力。

GABA tea is a functional tea and was developed from Japan in 1987. The technology of processing GABA tea was introduced to Taiwan several years ago. The quality of GABA tea produced by tea farmers is poor. A GABA tea processing machine was developed and improved by the Dept. of Bio-industrial Machatronics Engineering, National Chung-Hsing University. The quality of the GABA tea produced by the new machine was much better than the farmers'. It is highly recommended because of its high GABA content and good flavor.This research is focus on the GABA tea manufacturing technique and its healthy functions experiments. The optimum operation condition is investigated for Taiwan Tea Experiment Station NO.13 (TTES 13) using the new developed machine, and also the main chemical contents and antioxidant activies experiments are also conducted in the first year. In the second year, the optimum opreation condition for Chin-Shin Oolong is investigated and the liver protection functions of GABA tea are also evaluated. Finally, the healthy functions such as reducing blood pressure, sober up, and kidney protection are also studied in the third year.After finishing the research, the high quality GABA tea can be provided to the consumers for the health care. Furthermore, the technology of producing high quality GABA tea can be transfered to tea farmers in order to improve the compitition of tea industry.
其他識別: 97農科-4.2.3-糧-Z3(4)
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