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標題: 亞熱帶花卉溫室生產節能設計與自動化管理系統
The Energy Saving Design and Automatic Management System for Subtropics Floricultural Greenhouse
作者: 陳加忠
關鍵字: 自動化工程;技術發展
此研究計畫之目的為建立國內亞熱帶花卉溫室生產之節能設計以降低生產成本並提升生產效率。工作項目如下:1. 進行各型披覆材料之透光保溫特性研究。2. 花卉溫室節能構造之設計。3. 結合作物生理特性、溫室環控、能源使用等因素合理性規劃。4. 撰寫溫室節能作業手冊。5. 生產管理系統之規劃。

The purpose of this project was to establish the energy saving technique for the subtropics regions and reduce cost and enhance the efficiency. The working items inclued:1. the study the optical and thermal properties of cover materials, 2. energy saving design for floricultural greenhouse, 3. Integrate the physiological characteristics, environment control and energy utilization, 4. edit the energy saving handbook, 5. the plan of the management systems.
其他識別: 97農科-9.1.1-糧-Z1(2)
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