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標題: 馬拉巴栗編辮分級機之研製
Development of the Braiding and Grading Machine for Pachira Macrocarpa
作者: 鄭經偉
關鍵字: 農業機械類;應用研究

Pachira macrocarpa is the most cultivation of foliage plants in Taiwan. The appearances of this stem are variable and with high plasticity. It is a large output for export every year. However, both braiding and grading process of Pachira macrocarpa are in artificial way at present, which wastes a great deal of manpower. Also artificial braiding and grading criterion are not easy to quantify. So this project is to develop a braiding and grading machine for Pachira macrocarpa by using the mechanical principles. Because of its rarity all over the world, we need to bring high originality. We expect that the machine will decrease human cost but increase working efficiency, and also advance the quality of products. Hoping to assist peasantry in braiding and grading working to make up for the artificial defect and to promote the industrial development, it uses mechanization instead of traditionally artificial way. It also ensures the stability of quality and improves the market competitiveness of Taiwan Floriculture Exports.
其他識別: 97農科-4.2.3-糧-Z3(5)
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