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標題: ITO為基材之毛細管電泳晶片於Ractopamine和Salbutamol的檢測
Detection of Ractopamine and Salbutamol by Using Ito-Based Capillary Electrophoresis Chip
作者: 吳靖宙
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類;應用研究
Beta-agonist因具有增加生理代謝率與去除脂肪的功能,目前已被不合法的添加至家畜飼料中,因此發展高靈敏度與專一性的檢測法是目前農業食品安全的重要議題之一。本研究希望透過微製程技術,將安培感測器直接整合至毛細管電泳晶片上,變成一微小化可攜式的實驗室分析晶片,以達快速即時檢測的需求。計畫重要工作項目:1. 可攜式毛細管電泳系統的評估與研發; 2. ITO電極的微製程製作; 3. ITO電極上的奈米金或奈米鈀微粒的電沈積技術; 4. 微泳道層與ITO基板的結合; 5. ractopamine電化學特性的探討; 6. salbutamol與ractopamine個別與同時在CE-EC晶片中的電泳分離特性。其預期效益為: 1. 可攜式電化學電泳儀雛形的產出; 2. 新型ITO毛細管電泳晶片的製作,可大幅縮短製程時間與晶片成本; 3. 奈米金粒(Au nano-particles)的高表面積效應,可增加電極的反應面積,以提升檢測極限值; 4. ITO基板的使用適合電極表面再生,可增加晶片的使用次數與壽命; 5. ractopamine與salbutamol可藉由電泳的預先分離再進行即時性檢測,有利於可攜式裝置的發展,以進行現場即時性檢測。

Owing to the functions of decomposing fat and increasing metabolism, the beta-agonists are often illegally used as a feed additive. The development of high sensitive and specific detection method has become one of important topics in agriculture-safety fields. In the project, we will construct a capillary electrophoresis (CE) microchip integrated with an electrochemical (EC) detector by using the micro-fabrication techniques to form a miniature portable lab-on-a-chip so as to achieve the requirement of fast and real-time detection. The important working items include: 1. to estimate the potential of developing a portable CE system, 2. to fabricate the indium tin oxide (ITO) microelectrode, 3. to electrodeposite the nano-Au or nano-Pd particles on the ITO electrode, 4. to combine the microfluidic slab and the ITO substrate, 5. to investigate the electrochemical properties of ractopamine, and 6. to separate and measure the salbutamol and ractopamine with the CE-EC microchip. The predictable benefits include: 1. to present the prototype of portable EC-CE instrument, 2. to fabricate the novel ITO-based CE chip resulting in reducing the fabrication time and cost, 3. to increase the electrode surface for promoting the detection limit due to the high surface effect of nano-particles, 4. to renew the ITO electrode so as to increase the lifetime of electrode, and 5. to real-time detect the ractopamine and salbutamol for the development of the portable device.
其他識別: 97農科-14.2.2-檢-B1(2)
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