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標題: 蛋品生產自動化技術與設備之開發-非破壞性皮蛋凝膠自動化檢測系統之改良與推廣
The Development of Automatic Technology and Device for Egg Production-The Improvement and Promotion of the Pidan Gelling in Non-Destructive Quality Inspecting System
作者: 鄭經偉
關鍵字: 農業機械類;應用研究;Automatic;自動化;檢測;凝膠;Inpect;Gelling

This project finished the field test of the Pidan gelling quality inspecting system in last year. This system could inspect Pidan over 90% of accuracy. According to the opinions collected from manufacturer in the processing of testing for improving the mechanism. It hopes to increase the rate of sorting by improving the part of inspection. And accomplish the Pidan gelling quality inspecting system. After the improvement and field test, the promoting activities will be hold with the Pidan gelling quality inspecting system and the automatic eggshell crack inspecting system. It will help egg farmer to ensure the quality of Pidan by science method, and carry out the automatic inspecting technology of Pidan, then expand the international market, especially Japan and the area of south-east Asian. It is expected to favor hundreds of egg farmers after completeness.
其他識別: 98農科-2.1.5-牧-U1(2)
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